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© 2006
Mark Woolston

My greatest passion is the pleasure hidden in a fine cabinet. The approach and expectation, the first opening of doors or drawers, the treasures secreted inside, the layers of discovery, the search for secret compartments - all contribute to the wonder of cabinets.

Bowls are the diva of treen. Equally grand in their multitudinous uses and their multifarious designs. They can be made from almost any material using just about any technology and best of all they can hold anything from a prawn curry to a clutch of ripe nectarines!

oxes contain the treasures of our lives. A beautiful, well made box suggests contents that are highly prized.

Chairs are perhaps the most demanding piece of furniture to make. They are widely held to be the hallmark of any furniture designer (or indeed any designer - many of the world's most famous chairs were designed by architects). They must be highly functional as people and dogs may sit in them for many hours.
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